Recent Publications

  • Electron microscopy and atom probe tomography of nanoindentation deformation in oxide dispersion strengthened steels

    Davis, TP, Haley, JC, Connolly, S, Auger, MA, Gorley, MJ, Grant, PS, Bagot, PAJ, Moody, MP, Armstrong, DEJ
  • A study of the interaction of oxygen with the α2 phase in the model alloy Ti–7wt%Al

    Gardner, HM, Radecka, A, Rugg, D, Armstrong, DEJ, Moody, MP, Bagot, PAJ
  • Microstructural understanding of the oxidation of an austenitic stainless steel in high-temperature steam through advanced characterization

    SHEN, Z, Tweddle, D, YU, H, He, G, Varambhia, A, KARAMCHED, P, HOFMANN, F, WILKINSON, A, MOODY, M, Zhang, L, LOZANO-PEREZ, S
  • New insights into the oxidation mechanisms of a ferritic-martensitic steel in high-temperature steam

    SHEN, Z, Chen, K, Yu, H, JENKINS, B, Ren, Y, Saravanan, N, He, G, Luo, X, BAGOT, P, MOODY, M, Zhang, L, LOZANO-PEREZ, S
  • The Effects of Chemistry Variations in New Nickel-Based Superalloys for Industrial Gas Turbine Applications

    Sulzer, S, Hasselqvist, M, Murakami, H, Bagot, P, Moody, M, Reed, R
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