Recent Publications

  • A study of the interaction of oxygen with the α2 phase in the model alloy Ti–7wt%Al

    Gardner, HM, Radecka, A, Rugg, D, Armstrong, DEJ, Moody, MP, Bagot, PAJ
  • Microstructural understanding of the oxidation of an austenitic stainless steel in high-temperature steam through advanced characterization

    SHEN, Z, Tweddle, D, YU, H, He, G, Varambhia, A, KARAMCHED, P, HOFMANN, F, WILKINSON, A, MOODY, M, Zhang, L, LOZANO-PEREZ, S
  • New insights into the oxidation mechanisms of a ferritic-martensitic steel in high-temperature steam

    SHEN, Z, Chen, K, Yu, H, JENKINS, B, Ren, Y, Saravanan, N, He, G, Luo, X, BAGOT, P, MOODY, M, Zhang, L, LOZANO-PEREZ, S
  • A More Holistic Characterisation Of Internal Interfaces In A Variety of Materials via Complementary Use Of Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction and Atom Probe Tomography

    Jenkins, BM, Douglas, JO, Gardner, HM, Tweddle, D, Kareer, A, Karamched, PS, Riddle, N, Hyde, JM, Bagot, PAJ, Robert Odette, G, Moody, MP
  • The Effect of Composition Variations on the Response of Steels Subjected to High Fluence Neutron Irradiation

    JENKINS, B, DOUGLAS, JO, Almirall, N, Riddle, N, BAGOT, PAJ, Hyde, JM, Odette, GR, MOODY, M
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