We collaborate with researchers from universities and industry from around the UK and internationally on a wide range of projects. Current research activities include:

  • materials for nuclear fusion, such as ODS steels and tungsten alloys;
  • materials for nuclear fission, such as Zr alloys, Fe-Cr alloys, thermally induced precipitation in steels;
  • semiconducting materials, with application to photovoltaics and quantum computing
  • advanced engineering materials, Ni-/Co-based superalloys, Ti alloys and steels for aerospace
  • high-efficiency catalysts, including characterisation of catalyst nanoparticles
  • materials subject to corrosive and environmental degradation, such as stress corrosion cracking, high temperature oxidation and hydrogen embrittlement
  • advanced APT and FIM techniques, including 3D FIM and development of an in-situ environmental cell for the LEAP